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may day celebration [May. 29th, 2004|11:19 am]
I couldn't have envisioned a better may day! I am only saddened by the fact that it was only until this year that I learned about the wake up the earth festival- had I known previous years, I would've gone. It started around 1:15ish when Andrew came to pick me up at my house, and after I ran around like a crazy person trying to finish this letter I'm working on for a fellow wes prefrosh, and find my camera and shit. So, we parked at the train, but couldn't pay for parking because the lady in the booth was going through her usual prayer rituals, and we thought it would be rude to interrupt, but it was already a fairly awkward situation. The train ride there was partly surreal because everyone was having so much difficulty with train fares and figuring out what stop to get off of, which doesn't normally generate that much confusion...We then met matthew john wilson at the jackson square stop and walked to stoneybrook, where we were welcomed with such goodies as music, capoeira, spoken word performers, street artists/vendors, the aroma of cuban/thai food, lots of sunshine and old friends, anarchist booths (dunk your landlord/find the WMDs) and lots of happy little children. It was a warm vibe and a strong sense of community, which wellesley never had and never will have for me. Hearing dominican music the entire day also reminded me of my other home. Matt Andrew and I just walked around all the booths, admiring people's work- we met matt's new roomates who are all incredibly talented artists. We met up with old friends like michelle and heather from hingham, who I love dearly. we discovered funny connections like how michelle/matt are new neighbors. We met more of matts friends from school and talked about survival programs and how we should prepare for the revolution/ post revolution through wilderness training camps, where we can become comfortable with cannibalism and sacrificial ceremonies haha. We crudely joked about eating the sparticists, since they model themselves after the bolshevik/russian revolution which killed hundreds of dissenters, anarchists in particular. We decided that they probably wouldn't taste that good. Also, in ancient tribes they would eat their opponents hearts as a sign of respect to gain the courage of their enemy. In other words, we would never eat bush/cheney/colin/condy or any of the current administration, it would simply be too respectful. anyway- then we chilled on the grass and listened to the foundation, whos talent continues to increase everytime I see them. They played with a band this time, and had a wonderful stage presence. Then, Rachel and her two friends from LYB joined us at the end of the foundations set. We all chatted and discovered more uncanny connections between us. Then we walked to matt's house with the plan of buying food and cooking it at his place, that was until we passed oriental de cuba, and agreed that we would buy this delicious cuban food and eat it on his deck- which is exactly what we did. It was perfect. Ropa vieja de pollo, un batido de mango, platanos dulces, arroz amarillo, the works. We sat outside on the deck eating cuban food, watching fireworks on a beautiful spring night, and for a second we forgot about school and responsibility- so of course it was incredible. After passing many hours on the deck, we went outside and ate cake with heather and michelle on their stoop and talked about how cool we looked on the stoop haha, so we took funny pictures. Then we returned to the apt. to watch rudolf the red nose reindeer with matts roomate charlie haha, because we wanted to get in the x-mas spirit..I fell asleep, and so it was our time to leave. So we trained it to alewife, and then drove home to wellesley. why must it end in wellesley..

Now I must shower, finish my letter, go to the antifa meeting, come home, do my psych proverb assignment, study for my AP spanish exam, and sleep.

I don't think enough people celebrate may day or take it seriously- that upsets me. please celebrate next year if you didn't this year, it's much more important than any of those hallmark holidays.
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because I never did... [May. 28th, 2004|08:20 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |notorious big - juicy]

here is a more in-depth but still general description of my "spring break"

first stop: Middletown, CT (friday am)

reason: Wesfest

highlights: Drive with peter, listening to good music in the car, the ridiculously perfect weather, meeting new/exciting people, feeling like I made the right decision, learning that Wesleyan is indeed a very ecclectic place, meeting professors that have affairs with the German language, wandering/exploring the campus, casual and frequent nudity, the lesbian-esque cabaret haha, the bbq but mainly mamoun's falafel and the ice cream we ate afterwards, chillaxin on foss hill, the improv troupe gag reflex, the mathematicians (!!!), the fact there is an "ecclectic" house, the fashion show, the hip-hop being played at 200 church st., lounge sleep over party, chalking.

negative aspects: Waking up at 7 while everyone else slept the following saturday morning, leaving, not meeting some people I anticipated meeting, not meeting as many students of color as I thought


second stop: Hyde park Chicago, IL (saturday pm- saturday am)

reason: Visting Niki and Julia at their respective institutions of higher learning, namely u chicago and art institute

highlights: Eating delicious mexican food in pilsen and feeling like I was in mexico, getting to know niki's suitemates, drinking "virgin" pina coladas, going to the "beach", reuniting with mike from elementary school, being exfoliated by the sand and the wind, laughing at the latino cultural show, meeting niki's amazingly hot capoeria instructor Joshua, going to roda's a lot, relaxing, reading more of my vaneigem book, having a sleep over party- actually two sleep over parties, with julia in her apt., meeting her friends, drinking tea at local tea lounges, wandering the city with adam aka going to borders and listening to william hung's atrocious cd, reading articles on how usher once smoked pot (devious!!), spending $20 on vegan cheesecake at the chicago diner, going to the south side for a kweli show, late night fruit stolen from the study break parties, grocery shopping at whole foods with julia, drinking vanilla chai lattes, cooking annie chung's pasta, discovering the emcee "immortal technique", alphabetizing the hip hop section at borders without realizing it, being introduced to a new city.

negative aspects: putting my cta card in the dollar bill slot instead of the cta slot, filling out a cta complaint form, going to merchandise mart to talk about getting a refund, talking on the phone with the public transportation people who are apparently experts in the area of incompetence, the opening acts at the kweli show, being home at 11:45 from a hip hop show, the ocassional down time where I wandered around, the wind, the tight security at both schools, leaving.


third stop: Washington, DC (saturday pm - monday am)

reason: March for women's lives

highlights: well first off, we went through mass. ct. new york. new jersey. delewae. maryland. AND dc. because we road tripped it anyway back to the highlights, being with rachel/adam/isaac for 10 hours in a car, listening to quality cds on rotation, rockin out to andrew wk and learning all the lyrics within seconds, being deathly tired/drifting btw various planes of conscienceness, stopping at truck stops, playing games like truth or...truth, sleeping, eating bagels, discovering the beauty of sun dried tomato cream cheese, sleeping over in baltimore, getting a discount at kinkos, using the thunder sticks in suggestive ways, riding the metro, hearing adams comments on christians, seeing the immense support for women's rights, the generational range in the rally's demographics, meeting antifa people, marching itself, feeling successful at handing out flyers, feeling re-energized, the food not bombs fruit and pancakes, dancing, running into carinne from mobe at a rest stop, ordering a s'barro pizza with tons of vegetables.

negative aspects: being in various forms of transportation for 24+ hours, feeling and looking like death, the weird weather, the disorganization at times, the masses inability to direct themselves in a way that makes logical sense, some of the radical cheerleaders' cheers, the lack of energy from myself, the tight time schedule, the traffic coming home, the rain towards the end, walking 100 miles or what felt like it, seeing little girls dressed in black veils receiting catholic prayers while rubbing rosaries, getting lectured by preachers, undercover cops, the cops mufflers, being pulled over on the highway, waking up at 6:30 to drive and take the metro, having to pee, the dc's stupid no trashcan policy, leaving and coming home.


Alas, now I am back in school- and I wish more than anything to be on the road traveling, especially to Latin America. In my ideal world I would in the Dominican Republic at a discotecca or hanging out under a tree eating a mango and listening to bachata while playing a game of dominos with julio and tercita. I have two AP's coming up and my self-paper, this is not cool. I also have to find a job and a prom dress this weekend. On a positive note, I have 16 days left of high school. ha!

If you have some extra cash lying around and you feel like giving it away, feel free to support the isa-needs-to-visit-her-host-family-in-the-dr-this-summer fund. It's a good cause, you won't regret it.

And if you feel like it go to printroom.com and look under the album user: isagurl to see some pictures of DC, unfortunatley I didn't take any in CT or IL.

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selective [May. 27th, 2004|10:58 pm]
I am drowning in liberalism.

what does it mean to be "liberal"? to have "liberal/progressive" politics? what does it mean to rely on john kerry, on a single person to turn this country around? why is it that north americans believe in people and heroes? people are not sustainable, once they die, once leadership is lost- there is nothing left, nothing to keep the people mobilized and motivated. this country has serious problems with sustainability. i keep hearing the term liberal used loosely. everyone wants to be liberal, everyone claims to be liberal. i hate the word, i hate being described as it. i am not a moderate, i do not believe john kerry is the answer, i do not simply have principles. and what I am most certainly not is a democrat. my politics do not begin or end with michael moore or al franken. i appreciate their humor and wit, but i refuse to idolize or adore them. i do not watch bowling for columbine a hundred times to satisy an inner american guilt of mine. liberalism, at its core, has too many ties to the existing government, to capitalism. liberalism itself is an invention dependent on capitalism, it is a predetermined "ism", one that is not free standing. we must move beyond liberalism, or we will continue to play it safe.

che, zinn, chomsky, vaneigem, mumia, malcolm x, etc all believe that what will elevate us is revolution.

liberals are too spineless for revolution. there is too much risk involved, too many questions without answers, too many hypotheticals and potential setbacks. revolution never claimed to be for the weak. and so let it be known, I strongly dislike this term and concept, and continue to develop my feelings more concretely that explain my discomfort with it.

liberals are too drunk off of ideology
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keep on trekin' [May. 23rd, 2004|03:22 am]
[music |kings of convenience - failure]

it is late and I should be sound asleep by now, but alas I am wide awake and I blame the caffeinated jasmine tea that I decided to drink tonight. I am in chi-town at the moment, sitting in one of julia's beds looking out the window and admiring a well lit parking lot directly across the street while listening to the always enjoyable kings of convenience. I'm only in chicago for one more night and then it's back to boston. I think it comes down to me being ready to get out of high school and wellesley in particular. I enjoy being away from home, away from my normal routine. Wesfest was refreshing because it was a taste of what's ahead, and it reminded me that there are new people to meet and new experiences to be had, just when I thought I was rather "stuck". Speaking of being stuck...everyone right now seems to be in some sort of creative rut, and it is quite upsetting. I opened up my Vaneigiem book today and read a chapter on work and the defintion of "happiness" in the united states, and it perfectly captured the lack of creativity in the average americans life due to monotonous routines and tiresome work schedules. it was depressing but wonderful at the same time because vaneigem has consistently been able to articulate the philosophical ideas that run through my head daily that I'm not always able to accurately portay. I decided to look up more of his books online, and I'm excitied to read those...on another note, my scheduled trip to dc for the pro choice march fell through due to the lack of a car, pretty bummed about that. also, the azua project for amigos was canceled because there continues to be a significant amount of political/economic instablitiy in the dr/haiti. this upsets me greatly, and im concerned for my host family. i want to visit them and witness first hand the coniditions in dr, but i don't have the funds at the moment. i need a job, badly. someone, give me a job. i hope my summer doesn't suck...haha, an entire summer in wellesley sounds really unappealing, i need ideas on how to make it fun. on that note, I should try getting some sleep. tomorrow is talib kweli and jean grey, i'm excited. oh and, julia and I discovered a new fierce political emcee named immortal technique today, look him up. his beats aren't as catchy as dead prez or jedi mind tricks' but hes still pretty incredible.

ah yes, being away from it all is a good feeling...
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lenin and more [May. 10th, 2004|02:08 am]

I just came back from seeing this movie, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie made me reflect on the role of a nation in one's life. I feel like nationalism is something I have no connection to. In fact, nationalism is a concept I've always opposed in my politics, so it was strange to see a movie and feel that communism or the idea of it served a central purpose in the mother's life. Except it wasn't actually communism it was more the mother's utopia which she convinced coincided with communist Germany. I feel like it's easy to super impose/ project your hopes for people or government. We all want to believe in something. I haven't seen a quality movie at the theater's in forever so I almost didn't know how to react to enjoying a movie...plus the previews for movies looked really interesting. There were two movies in portuguese about Brasil and one about Haiti, so obviously I am psyched for those to come out. Also- the re-release of the monty python classic "the life of brian" is a perfect response to the hysteria over the passion of the christ. I'm secretly loving the timing...Anyway- as we came out of the movie, Andrews friends bumrushed him and took him away from us and made some nonesense up about the fall of the Cuban gov't (get the parallel- the fall of the berlin wall/the fall of Cuba?) I suppose they could get some points for wittiness, but it was also straight up confusing/whack as I like to say. And now for some random thoughts...

I'm going to lose everyone now as I always do when I go off on political/philosophical rants. I am reading The Revolution of Everyday Life again by Raoul Vanegiem and it is making me think crazy thoughts. I have never been able to articulate what I feel the role of violence is or should be in revolution or just radical politics/activism and this book just poses even more questions about it. While I Vaneigem doesn't overtly support violent tactics, he certainly suggests that adopting them to fight a violent force is necesarry and that liberal tactics are ineffective and counter productive, which I generally agree with. Although- the fact that most philosophers/politicans are male and men tend to relate to aggression more than the intuitive woman also must be taken into consideration. Violence has always seemed very foreign/abstract to me because I simply do not comprehend it's overall benefits. However, when someone like Vaneigem defends its use in terms of a successful revolution I am briefly convinced of it's power. Also- when examining the history of the Zapatistas, it is clear that arming oneself is a necesity when the only way to have a voice is when you are armed. Although that does reinforce the idea that it is in a way more honorable to be non violent in the face of oppressive forces..Moving on. This book also perfectly summarizes what I hate about the term "liberal" and just "liberalism" in general. People always feel the need to flaunt how liberal and progressive their politics are around me because of my reputation or whatever but it ends up being rather counter productive. I equate liberalism with a level of inefficency and a general emptiness. It is too vague, too lose of a term to be anything important or meaningful to me. Furthermore- the best part about the book is that he parallels everyday life to large scale revolution. What revolutionaries (or wanna be revoltionaries) over look is that all the hostilies and dynamics of people can be seen in simple glances or interactions in train/bus stations. What is truly subversive is slight changes in everyday actions. Except how horrible is this idea, that in this present day system genuine love (familial, romantic, platonic etc..) is not attainable. However, he kind of contradicts himself because he then talks about love as the only tool that is truly subversive, so it must exist in some form. Here are my two favorite quotes from the book about love:

"People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constaints - such people have a corpse in their mouth"

"Some of us have fallen in love with the pleasure of loving without reserve - passionatley enough to offer our love the magnificent bed of a revolution"

I think I'll end this Vaneigem rant here, but I know I'll have more to say later because this book is that THOUGHT PROVOKING! yes that phrase was invented for books like this one. Speaking of books, Mumia's new book We Want Freedom comes out tomorrow and I am excited I read some reviews and it looks like a good read. (this is also tied to my dislike for people who announce/quantify their "liberalism" because they always have to mention how much they love mumia except when I talk about him it's always these cliche ideas and blaaah- but that's ok I guess- as long as he's being supported. Rachel said it best when she said Mumia represents much more than an inidivudals political struggle- he represents all people in that situation, he is symbolic of a situation, a problem in our society. This is such a rant, but I'm just releasing some ideas that I've been retaining for awhile now)

The end. Seriously.

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walk like a warrior [. 0th, 0|12:00 am]

So, other than my Dad being painfully annoying as of late and me wanting nothing more but to get out of my house...the new Dead Prez album was not as good as I had anticipated- but I'm still excited about it. They finally made an inset thats not just one page thick. In fact, there's a neat poster inside that outlines the RBG code which they recite in the beginning of every show- so I already put that up on my walls. On another note, I had wanted to broadcast my love for Chad from the Neptunes before, but I never got around to it. Chad, is under appreciated and likely the genius/powerhouse behind N.E.R.D and the Neptunes, so WATCH OUT. Here's Chad in all his brilliance:

It was actually difficult to find a picture of him the first place, which is telling, don't you think? Anyway, I have the worst case possible of senioritis. WHS is like a disease or growth that won't die. I keep getting assigned more and more work just when I thought I had reached the end. Sometimes I forget that I got into college. Which is always great. People hear about colleges within the next 2 days, and I'm getting nervous for my friends..is that just me...haha. Oh right and a highlight of today was getting a boy scouts of america neckerchief from the Kempinator. After seein Jon Stewart and having him talk about neckerchiefs I realized just how funny they were, and ever since then I've been laughing non stop about their very existence, so Andrew had the brilliant idea of giving me one as a gift. It's bright red and actually says BSA on the back, I wore all day in school and told Mr. Cluff it was a political statement on gender roles- and being the wonderful Cluff that he is, he laughed and was amused. Ally and I are going to his eagle scout ceremony where they are apparently introducing us as special guests. It's going to be really hard to not laugh hysterically. In fact, it will be impossible not to laugh - so that's what I'm expecting. Anyway, thats my update for now. More will be coming soon...

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rbg [Apr. 29th, 2004|09:52 pm]
[music |the coup - get up]

If you know anything about Isa, you know she has a deep love for Dead Prez.

Revolutionary But Gangsta Drops March 30th (Tomorrow)

Which means you all better cop it- or at least have me burn it for you...

Do you like my color scheme? Cause I think it's pretty clever

My new screen name is : xhalfandhalf - In other news, school continues to consume my life and I can't wait until 2/3 weeks when I have vacation. Finally, senior games begin this thursday with hat day - I'm gonna go out and try and buy a crazy hat with babs, Friday is porn day, so that'll probably be out of control...I don't think I'll be particpating in that, but you know I'll go all out with the hat business. I have to get through the next couple of weeks and then maybe I will begin to enjoy my senior year. Sunshine, please come my way- you make me forget about the work piling up in my room...How is everyone? I hope you're all doing well. I really do.


Another quick note on Dead Prez: I just checked out their new website (deadprez.com) and the photo section shows photos of them with all these women and credit cards...which makes me quite nervous, admittedly. I think DP might be pushing the gangster envelope and forgetting the revolutionary component. I still have faith in my boys, but I wish they would stop working with people like Luda who sucks my non existent cock. I don't think any of you care when I talk about hip hop, but WHATEVAH SUCKAHS! Those are my 2 cents on DP's transition.
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the dali lama [Apr. 25th, 2004|01:32 am]

Today was CRAZY! Packing for NYC was way more stressful than I had anticipated it to be. I don't think I actually packed much at all either. I think the whole dancing and fluttering around the house with Niki was what made the whole process seem never ending. That and the nail painting, the numerous trials...and going to bookstores with people named andrew and drinking mocha freezes when it is absolutely beautiful out. Yeah, we picked up crime and punishment in SPANISH, and the cover made it look like a collection of x-mas carols because it was neon green and red, a strange choice of colors for such a profound book..not to mention there were hilarious illustrations on the inside of the cover. What was the most intriguing was that it only cost 11 dollars and it was hard cover, which makes me think I should get all my books in spanish if they are going to be so much cheaper. I just got off the phone with John "the catch" Connors, and it is always wonderful talkin to him, I feel like he's apart of the family at this point. The highlight was having him read some budget dali lama quotes from his calender that were clearly taken way out of context. One was something to the extent of: guns are weapons used for killing, they have no other purpose- they are not musical instrument. I laughed until my stomach hurt because it just seemed so...."wise"..and by "wise" I mean not at all, ok? did you get that subtlty? I also shared with John the Nakazawa world domination plan. See, the three Nakazawa sisters are gonna rule the world someday, I guess you could call it ambitious. You may be asking yourself, "but Isa, don't you believe in an anarchist way of life- no leaders, no hierarchy? How you can you rule the world if you don't even believe in the very principle of world domination?" A good, perceptive question, I must admit. Here's my answer, see- there won't be a hierarchy, there will just be an unspoken understanding that everyone does what we say- get it? It's pretty basic once you open yourself up to it. John completely understood, probably because I told him we'd hire him. Ginger just might have to be the official, unofficial ruler of the world. Who wouldn't want a fat orange cat to be their leader? I don't know many objectors. This entry probably reaffirms for many a people that I am completely out of my mind. Congratafreakinglations for figuring that out. I'm happy for you, I really am.

Anyway, I am probably already in NYC by the time anyone's reading this. I'll be there until Saturday. We have lots of plans- including goin to the nuyorican for some poetry slam. Its going to be off the hook, and you should all be there with me. Ok- I'm getting up in 5 hours, and I need my sleep. Have fun in school, suckahs.

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party mussic [Apr. 23rd, 2004|06:48 pm]

My life has been thrown into chaos! The Amigos revolving door has finally subsided, but not after 3 of them stopped by Boston (I acknowledge how lucky that is) and got to experience the Isa outside of Domincan Republic. Lizzy, Julia, and Shawn all brought a piece of summer here to Boston, and I love them for it. I took them out to the city a lot, it involved lots of ice skating, salsa dancing in my basement, reminiscing about the good times, and speaking spanish. Yesterday I was able to eat up at a Cuban restaurant in JP which was wonderful- we all ordered in spanish and ate tostones and yuca, which I hate but fried is incredible, and batidos which were the best part of the meal I must say.

In more news- I got over the major assignments of senior year other than APs and the self paper. I expended too much energy on the pulp fiction paper so my heart of darkness one suffered, but at this point I am learning not to care. Lizzy said that I wear hypothetical glasses because I am that much of an academic nerd. Isn't that sweet. I am nearing the end of Reefer Madness, and as Fast Food Nation did, I no longer want to eat or support the strawberry business, nor do I want to eat any McDonalds or Burger King. Thank you mister schlosser for keeping me healthy as usual.

Jon Stewart was on Saturday and it was the highlight of my life so far. I went with the three boys which was fun, regardless of the worlds most uncomfortable balcony seats. I never noticed how poor the painting job is in the Orpheum, I think I should request my painting services. Another highlight was seeing Jesse Ventura speak at seminar day. Having assumed that he was an idiot before hearing him speak, I was quite impressed with his WWF inspired speech. Especially his sound bite on gay marriage "love trascends government" which clearly is something not many people understand. Speaking of gay marriage...the playboy article of 50 cent is quite humorous, you should check it out. After discussing his views on gays in African American I think I've exhausted the topic of whether or not mainstream artists are socially responsible for their influence on the public, but it is an interesting one. 50 may have nice arms, but he sure does like to exploit his gun shot wounds. Apparently, once you shoot more people it get's easier- thanks 50, I had no idea.

I shall conclude this entry with a reminder that Dead Prez's new album Revolutionary But Gangsta hits stores March 30th, and you should all get it. Ok?

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Cuba [Apr. 15th, 2004|12:51 am]
Hearing stories is always a strange experience. You try hard to visualize the stories themselves but no amount of effort is enough to make them come alive. Everytime one of us comes home from a trip, usually to a country in Latin America, we sit around the kitchen table for hours sharing stories and experiences and those who weren't lucky enough to go sit, listen, and dream they had gone or will go in the future. Today I listened to my mom talk about Cuba for a couple of hours and I wished more than anything that I had gone too. Cuba seems in many ways it's own utopian society, while that is in fact the reality is a different story. I have read so much about Cuba, about it's leaders, about the people and the music, and I have yet to go. Yes, Fidel is not perfect- he is far from that, but he has had a vision from the beginning, a vision that our country has never had. There is universal healthcare and education up to the university level. There are no advertisements invading public space. TV is used as an educational tool where classes and courses are aired to supplement children's education. Every classroom has a computer, a tv, and a teacher. There are no more than 20 students allowed per classroom. I have a difficult time visualizing what kind of society this is, since my life is the exact opposite. Kids go to school from 7:30 to 4:30 and then have dance lessons and sports practices and music lessons, they are cultured and educated. There is no dead time. Sometimes I feel like my life is 90 percent dead time and 10 percent production, especially lately. Cuba has Che as their leader, their God...the US has George Washington. Fidel said first save the culture, then eat the food. George Bush said don't misunderestimate me. It's not about idealizing Cuban culture or identity, it's about realizing that there is no national American identity. We have no identity as a people. Our leaders fabricate enemies to unite us, faceless enemies. We define ourselves by what we hate. We hate foreigners, we hate immigrants, we hate Arabs, Jews and gays, we hate the french, we hate europe, we hate everyone. We define ourselves by our material goods. What is American culture? Yes, there is variety, but there is variety in other places. Fidel and Cuba have culture to save and to preserve. I wonder what soldiers are dying to preserve. I understand why it is so easy to feel useless in this country. Our pride is so superficial our patriotism dissolves in water. We need an identity. The United States is in a permanent state of identity crisis. What will it take to progress?
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