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ramble - Beneath the paving stones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ramble [Aug. 15th, 2004|02:37 pm]
+I love my squad
+I finished my job
+I leave for san fran at 3am on sunday
+I am real sick today
+I am ready to party at the dominican festival
+I hope I don't get burned out at wes
+I don't understand how soon college is
+I finally got my mass ID
+I regret not attending the marley after party
+I wish my parents would stop talking about money
+I think I'm going to get a piercing in sanfran
+I dislike the heat
+I miss art
+I think it's funny how well people sell themselves on the effing internet
+I never ranted about bill cosby

bill cosby: speaks the truth about the problems plauging the black community; however, simplifies the issues to an extreme which is highly dangerous as a public figure (not to mention the spokesperson for all blacks/black men for white people). yes, teenage pregnancy, illteracy, displaced anger, child negligence, infidelity, and drug trafficing are serious problems, but is it reasonable to put the majority of the responsibility of said problems on the shoulders of the black community? obviously personal responsibility plays a major role in the lives of individuals, but let's not forget about the calculated systems of disadvantage inherent in this nations system that leave no options or choice for the average black man to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. where does the gov't put all the liquor stores? where does the gov't dispatch all the police? where does the gov't place all the military recuiters? who does the gov't refuse to give health care, financial aid, or stipends to? and if you think the 'welfare reform' programs in place in this country are at all a good idea, think again. they either make you dependent on the govt's dirty money or they leave you poor and hungry. my concern is that for all of the white people watching tv in their living room who want to believe so much in the inherent laziness of blacks (consciously or subconsciously), it is such a pleasure for them to be fed evidence and support from a highly respected black man. of course, the moral is, educated people tend to view life and it's problems through a lense where easy solutions are abundant and where personal responsibilty is the be all end all cure. I hate to talk about the 'revolution' or the overthrow of capitalism and all that esoteric crap, but hey- you can't just put bandaids on gushing wounds people, I think we've done that enough. we must be accountable for our own actions while fighting the systems that so clearly and incessantly oppress us.

also, as a disclaimer: no, I don't think it's fair that bill cosby is the spokesperson for black people, specifically black men, but as people of color in this country, we don't have the luxury of chosing whether or not we want to represent our entire race. he has every right to speak his mind; but like any celebrity, must be aware of the power/effect his words have on the world around him.

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2006-10-11 08:18 pm (UTC)
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